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Please try the test below:

How Does This Work?

This theory test can be embedded in your own website completely free of charge. It will automatically resize itself to fit into your design. You only need to paste one single line of code into your website/blog for this to go live immediately and users will be able to use an unbranded version of this theory test app, from within your own webpage. It will look 100% self hosted and will have no mention of any 3rd party websites.

From the users point of view, there are 900+ questions in the question bank and they are loaded randomly each time they use the test.  So they can use this as their sole resource and will see a different test each time.

Whats The Benefit To Me?

There are 2 main benefits from using this on your site.

The first is that its a completely free resource that will help pupils prepare for their test, and it can all be done from within your own website – no risk of sending them off elsewhere.

The second is free advertising! When anyone completes the test they will see a page like this, saying whether they passed or failed:

Any time a user shares their score on Twitter or Facebook, it will include a link to the page you have put the test on. So encouraging one customer to use the test will result in free advertising to their friends, who will generally live in the same area and be of the same demographic. The ideal crowd to further advertise your services to.

Sounds Great, How Do We Start?

Just get in touch with us here and tell us what exact url you want the test to go on, and we’ll create you an account. You will then have a single line of code you need to paste into your blog page / web page and the test will be live immediately.

That Sounds Technical!

We can easily help you install this in your blog/website if you need help – just let us know.